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Corona Virus

*Due to the corona virus many businesses have been shut down following recommendations by the government.  Physical therapy has been deemed an essential service and as such we will remain open to care for our patients.  We are taking  extra precautions to keep our facility and equipment extra clean.  Please give us a call with any questions.


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Back Pain Management in Jerome & Gooding County ID

Back pain is by far the most common injury seen in physical therapy. Back pain can have many causes and come in many different forms. Localized back pain is the most common sign but you might also feel shooting, burning, or tingling symptoms down one or both legs. Early detection and treatment of back pain are critical to reduce the duration of your injury.

Our back pain management services available at Jerome/Wendell Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Clinics might include directional preference exercises,  strengthening/stretching of lumbar-stabilizing musculature, education on proper lifting techniques, pain reducing modalities, and/or traction. Walk-ins are accepted and no referral is needed to receive an evaluation or treatment.