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Corona Virus

*Due to the corona virus many businesses have been shut down following recommendations by the government.  Physical therapy has been deemed an essential service and as such we will remain open to care for our patients.  We are taking  extra precautions to keep our facility and equipment extra clean.  Please give us a call with any questions.


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Meet Our Team

Lon Egbert and Associates are movement experts who can evaluate and develop an individualized treatment plan that is right for you.  Each time you visit our clinic you will be treated by one of our Doctor’s of Physical Therapy.  It’s time to get back to work, get back to play, and get back to life. Get Up n’ Go!

Lon Egbert
Doctor of Physical Therapy & Certified Athletic Trainer
Skyler Davenport
Certified Athletic Trainer
Jaron Pope
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Nelcy Norato
Patient Care Coordinator
Kelly Mills
Office Manager